There are few places we want to think about less than a sewer line… It is the place we send things to forget about them, and not to be seen. Unfortunately, sewer line backups and failures are very common defects, and they cost many thousands of dollars to repair. Even if you only have a small backup with something as simple as a clog or tree roots, the sewage that can back up into your home can be expensive (and gross) to fix.

Sewage line issues happen in the areas that are often unseen, such as the main, underground sewer line outside of our home. So how do you prevent this from happening? The best prevention is discovery. You can’t fix the issue or avoid it if you don’t know about it. And the best way to discover these issues is with a sewer scope.

A sewer scope inspection uses specialized cameras by a professional inspector to inspect the inside of sewer lines. With this camera and professional, you can find those issues in your sewer line before they become a bigger issue. Be sure to have a professional sewer scope when buying or selling your home, and at regular intervals.

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