Water, such a refreshing, essential and necessary element. element. All living things need and crave water. Water provides us with what we need to thrive and flourish. However, for the homeowner, water damage is the last thing they want to be concerned about. So how do we avoid water damage in our beautiful homes?

Inspect and Repair

Hire a professional home inspector to identify leaks and cracks in common areas. Water can intrude thru the foundation, windows, doors, and roof. Inspection of plumbing issues will also help identify potential threats. Repair of any findings right away can help retain the value of your home.

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance

Making sure that important components receive the maintenance they deserve will also help water damage. This would include Sealants and HVAC units. Try to ensure that moist areas are cleaned off regularly and dry all surfaces where moisture frequently collects.

Protection Is Important

Inside the house, be sure to replace any evidence of water damage. Replace drywall, carpet, plaster, and stained and damaged ceiling tiles as soon as possible. If they remain over time this can lead to deterioration.

In addition, proper maintenance of exterior walls is essential. Regularly refinish and reseal with the correct materials.

Storage areas should be kept clean and have a proper airflow? It will help to avoid and prevent potential moisture accumulation.

You can minimize water damage by addressing the problem quickly and thoroughly. Remember to be QUICK to act against potential water damage with proper Inspection, repair, maintenance, and protection.

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