When choosing to purchase or remodel it’s important to understand the role that the exterior plays when making the decision. The most common exterior materials used are brick and vinyl siding. Some homes combine into materials because they both are great features to the home. 

There are a few things to consider we making a decision:

  • Cost and value – Brick will cost more per square foot than vinyl siding costs. Brick will appreciate at an average rate of 6% immediately after it’s built. And this appreciation will help offset the cost of brick versus vinyl siding.
  • Weather resistance – Brick is weather-resistant, not likely to be damaged by sun rain snow, or ice. Siding is also considered to be weather resistant. In addition to the brick being weather resistant brick is also considered a thermal mass. This means that it stores heat and releases it slowly so in the summer the brick keeps the heat out in the winter keeps the heat in.
  • Maintenance – Brick requires very little maintenance. But vinyl siding does require some maintenance. It needs to be cleaned with a mix of detergent and water and it typically fades in 10 to 15 years I need to be replaced or painted. Though it may dent or scratch the vinyl color goes completely through so blemishes are not always visible.
  • Warranties – Brick manufacturers guarantee the brick for up to two lifetimes but only to the original owner. Most siding warranties are for one lifetime but can be transferred from one owner to the next.

The bottom line is that siding is much cheaper than break. Primarily because vinyl was created to compete with wood siding and brick is ultimately a more durable product.

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